• Creative Writer: Headlines, USP, Product and Company Stories, Bid & Technical Writing, 4 P Specialist. Verified by American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) Member of Professional Writers Association.

  • 8 Published Novels.


  • Strategic Planning: Focuses on developing strategies that invest in future sustainable business success. Communicates clearly to teams organizing to achieve overall business objectives.


  • Operational Management & Control: Organizes business resources and processes so that all are working towards common goals. Uses management information to incentivize work force and ensure delivery of targets.


  • People Management: Firm believer in participative style of leadership to encourage and develop ideas at all levels. Builds strong teams supported by mentoring and coaching, encouraging loyalty.


  • Communication: Consistent clear inclusive style of communication, supported with empathetic ideas considering other’s viewpoints when deciding most appropriate communication method and content.



  • Website Content;; St. Matthews Finance; Great Health;

  • Real Estate Agents, Architects, and many others.

  • Published the “Dream Team” Trilogy of “Face & Justice,” “Face & Honour,” and “Face, Fire & Morality?” 

  • Saved over US$20million by devising and writing new specification for on-line insulation of valves. Allowed early plant start-up and full tanker load 2 weeks early. Yemen LNG.

  • Introduced new Nano Technology product to offshore rig in the Adriatic Sea. Cutting 3 months of program time and saving many US$ Millions.

  • Awarded Best Team on Australian Project recovery.

  • Trained 23 Indian Quality Inspectors in Saudi Arabia

  • Managed 500 in Yemen; 1200 in KSA; 600 offshore Venice; 500 in China. All jobs on time & budget.



Copy Writer- Brian George - Present

B2B Copy Stories. New Products, Start-ups, Contractual and Legal Claims, Bid & Technical Writer, Business Travel Specialist. E.mail blasts.


Freelance Writer; Technical; Claims; Contracts; Project Management-Worldwide

August 2000-Jan 2017

Writer for hire. Wherever I have worked I've been the go-to writer of contractual, methodology statements, bid & technical writing for estimating & tenders, sales & marketing copy, business to business for all forms of construction, property, self - help via yoga and meditation, Hotels and world travel. These duties while working as: -


Biche Management Services Ltd. Hong Kong   2015-2017

Director Consultant: Project Management  

My own company. I wrote at every level from legal, technical, investment, sales and motivational presentations. I had direct experience of the natural resistance of buyers to change specifications, to buy into new products or technology and what is needed to demonstrate the benefits of innovation and cost savings. The writing of sales copy including bid & technical, marketing content such as blogs, and case studies, and web copywriting for SEO.


Country Manager China- Insultec Ltd            2015 – to 2017

All aspects of company management including Project Manager on 2 LNG Modular Projects, with Cryogenic Insulation, self-contained including all writing tasks, Bid & Technical, Method & Risk Assessments, QA/QC, Contractual & Commercial, Claims Management. valued at over US$60Million.


Aspen Aerogel Inc. (Consulting)                      2014 - to 2017

Manufacturer of Nano Technology Insulation. Sales and technical writing for methodology and specifications.


Product Applications Specialist

Trained Contractors in India in new Nanotechnology material. Demonstrated, & devised new method due to shortage of key fixing materials & tooling. Technical writing of methods to application instruction manuals.


Biche Trading Ltd. Director                                    1993-2014

Independent Agent, Quantity Surveyor, QA/QC, Project Manager, Agent, Contracts & Claims Manager.

Biche was my own company. I was during this period a Consultant, Agent, Project Manager, Labour Agent for various companies. My management and representation geared me to writing duties, along with Surveys, QA/QC, and Site Management in so many countries. I was in UAE, Qatar, KSA, Kuwait, Yemen, Malaysia, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines and sometimes back in Europe. Since way back I've always been the go-to writer on call for Bid Writing, Technical, Method Statements, QA/QC Manuals, for Contractual Issues on Projects, for Sales and Marketing. I was assisting companies in China, Nigeria, Libya and Tunisia with written proposals, bids, tenders, and technical documentation.

Kaefer Group as Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Offshore Contracts Manager  

Industrial Services, Multi-skilling International Contractor; Bid Writer, Tenders, Methods, Business Proposals.


Insultec Ltd as Project Manager, and Country Manager                               

International Multi Skilled Engineering Contractor; All Bid writing, Technical, Tenders and Claims.


J and J City Ltd as Senior Project Manager for Asbestos & Hazardous Waste             

Construction & Demolition Contractor based in London. QA/QC Method Statements, Bid & Technical writing.


Other consultancies:

Sub Contract Manager (Nuclear and General Engineering Ltd)                                           2005-2006

Contracts Manager (Gill Insulations Ltd)                                                                            2003-2004

Retained Agent/Consultant (Rilco Mfg. Co. Inc.)                                                                     1995-2010

Retained Agent/Consultant (Pittsburgh Corning International)                                            1993-2008

QA/QC Manager Petrokemya/Project Manager (Willich Saudi Ltd)                                   1990-1993



*B.Sc Engineering Management

GCE ‘O’ Levels

Economics ‘A’ Level


Courses in: -


*Web Copy 2.0

Verified by AWAI Copywriting

Simulated Copywriting Training

B2B Copywriting

QA/QC Management

QA/QC Assessor Courses.

Contracts Procurement,

Contracts Surveying & Administration

Insulation Training

Project Management

Health & Safety at Work

Asbestos & Hazardous Waste Management


Educated in life in the East End of London, a proud Cockney always up for anything and travels anywhere. 
I am the Industrial  Engineering Construction Specialist who goes where other writers don't.
I am a verified copywriter by the American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) and a recognized Member of The Professional Writers Alliance.
I gained English Language awards from Oxford University examiners and from the Royal Society of Arts
My experience & expertise in Construction & Engineering earned me a
     B.Sc in Engineering Management from the Trust Forte Corpn. of New York 
If you want the ultimate success from your B2B copy and increase your business...
        I can do the WRITING for you with Soul in your copy...
              ...because WRITING is MY  Speciality & My Love ! 
Check out my Testimonials 
I also have access to a team of dedicated writers and a graphic web designer.
I have published 5 novels and  numerous pieces of poetry and prose,
       all of which can be viewed at my website
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If you want the best, most experienced copy or a content writer who specializes in the international market look no further.

I have worked on International Engineering Construction, & LNG Projects for 20 years and specialized in Sales and Marketing as a Freelance Agent for most of those years. I was also a consultant project manager on cryogenic insulation contracts in many countries. 

 I also have a unique insight into corporate travel. I've stayed in the best and the roughest Hotels, Guest Houses and Labour Camps. I've had to hire the vehicles and procure materials at short notice. 

I have attended many trade shows and exhibitions and given the sales talks to those individual targets. I know the characters to reach out to with my research.

My contacts in the industrial oil and gas and petrochemical markets are personal friends worldwide at many major companies.

I am the writer that gets results because I've been there, and still go there. My projects always came in on time and in profit as will my copywriting. Give me a call on 0044 7802 701217

I love this background picture: This is the pool where I used to work from, on-line  when my home and office was in the house at the bottom right of the pool. I could keep fit, tanned and work from the French restaurant back here by the poolside.