Recommendation Letter

Dear Friend,

I know you are in love with seafood and I have discovered the perfect restaurant for us to

meet, the ambience is just what you and I adore, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Loch Fyne is just fine by me, they are THE Fish & Seafood restaurant chain. They only use

produce from around the British Isles, but for anyone who is not so fishy there are gluten free

and steak and burger grill choices for the carnivores. The products may be from local sources

but the cooking is a fusion of many popular international gourmet plats. Even the breakfast

menu should entice your palate, with mouth watering oysters and smoked salmon, perfect

scrambled eggs and a choice of bubbly or chilled white wines form the perfect compliment.

The setting is perfect for the lazy days of summer, its not a Scottish loch like their title but for

Chelmsford it’s the next best thing, the large picture window overlooks the River Chelmer

and the surrounding architecture cleverly steps down to the water’s edge giving the

impression of a continental bay with the water lapping at your feet.

At night the scene lights up dreamily, the colours spreading across the water, reminiscent of

our nights overlooking a bay in an exotic locale in Africa or the Mediterranean. It really does

take your breath away.


The restaurant itself is so warm and friendly, the décor is clean and spacious, lots of wood

with a slight industrial simplicity and the bar has those black and white tiles to remind you

that this is truly a fish and seafood specialist as tradition dictates.

The company takes its name from Loch Fyne, a sea loch on the west coast of

Scotland. The business started life as part of

Loch Fyne Oysters but, in September 1990, the restaurant

chain was bought by Greene King

for £68 million.

Loch Fyne Oysters continues in business under separate ownership; it owns the "Loch Fyne"

brand and supplies much of the seafood used by the restaurant chain.

In 2009, Loch Fyne began a partnership with the

Gourmet Society, offering their members

discounts on production of a Gourmet Society restaurant discount card. This has shown that

the brand cares about its reputation for using good local products.

From their own blog you can check out the butcher supplier

Based in the heart of Scottish beef country, in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Donald Russell have been hand cutting premium steaks and roasts for over 40 years. For more than 30 of those years, they have supplied Her Majesty the Queen and Her royal households with their award-winning meat and poultry.

Masters of their craft, they take pride in keeping the artisan skills of traditional butchery

alive. At Loch Fyne, not only do they take the quality of the fish they serve seriously; they

take just as much care in the meat they serve too. They are proud to supply guests with the

upmost quality meat that Donald Russell offers in each and every product they produce; from

the much loved Chargrilled Beef Burger, to succulent Steaks.

Donald Russell don’t take just any beef. They search far and wide for the very best available

in Britain at any given time, selecting only the finest examples. It must be slow grown and

naturally reared, having grazed exclusively on lush green grass, with some hay and silage in

the cold winter months. Every single carcass is inspected at the door to their butchery; if it

doesn’t meet their stringent standards, it gets turned away there. Once the beef has been

judged to be of the highest quality, it is slowly, patiently matured. Traditional ageing

increases tenderness and allows the beef to develop a fantastically rich, deep flavour. Once

their butchers judge each piece to be at its absolute optimum, they cut it the traditional way –

by hand. This is more expensive than the more usual machine cutting, but only the skilled

touch of a highly trained butcher can get the very best from each individual cut of meat.

Donald Russell’s simple philosophy of taking the best, grass-fed British beef, maturing it

until delicious, and hand cutting it to perfection, means that the steak or burger on your plate

is truly the best it can be.

For their trademark fish dishes they even supply recipes or the fish for collection.

They have shared a whole chargrilled sea bass recipe with new potatoes and sauce vierge for you to make at home.

Don't forget – you can even buy your fresh sea bass directly from your local Loch Fyne restaurant. I’ve never known a restaurant to be that confident of its suppliers to offer this

service, amazing!

You can even buy gin-cured Scottish salmon at your local Loch Fyne Restaurant as Fishmongers

then lay your gin-cured salmon flat and evenly out onto your plates, scatter the

diced fruit segments over the fish. There are even Tandoori scallops if you prefer something

with a tasty spice. The menu choice is simply fantastic and you can even buy the produce and

prepare it at home.


Whether you're craving a crisp sauvignon blanc or a full-bodied shiraz, they’ve got plenty of

great wines for guests to enjoy, so why not join me at our local Loch Fyne

to refine your wine and compliment the gourmet meal.

This restaurant in Chelmsford has had more reviews than any other in the group, the setting

has made this one of their most desirable restaurants. The internal architecture complements

the warmth of the greetings from the staff. There are gold ribband awards from the Gourmet

Society for both service and quality. What more could you ask for?

Meet me there on Friday evening, I have reserved a table to be able to avail ourselves of the

perfect time when the outside mood lighting is switched on and the riverside comes into its

own. Our table is booked for the best outlook to enhance the romance of the evening.

To entice you even more I’ve pre-ordered a gift pack of Gin Infused Smoked Salmon 200g,

Arran Kilbride Cheddar 200g, Chrystal's Shortbread and Strawberry and Champagne Jam.

This is an ideal gift to remind you of our meal and the perfect setting.

You will leave energised by this perfect evening, a meal to take your taste buds to another

level, a gourmet gift and memories of this wonderful setting as we stroll off into the cobbled

lane, satiated like never before, kissed by the gods.

I will personally escort you to your limousine after strolling through the quaint cobbled lane

and ensure that you are glowing with a feeling of well-being, walking on air as you say

goodnight, wondering how you can beat this for an evening out, ever again!