The LOVE of your life will love this treat. Your puppy may not be THE Love of your life, but I’m pretty sure they’ll be close to that emotion.


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Have you ever been bowled over watching how well trained those Guide Dogs for the Blind are? It was after an encounter with a puppy walker recently that made a massive change to the way we fed our dogs and gave them treats for good behaviour.
By chance I followed one of the young girl trainers and puppy walkers in the city. I watched her stop perfectly at the kerbside and her charge sit, and each time she reached into a pouch clipped to her belt and gave the pup a special small, bite-sized treat. The puppy, a gorgeous, proud almost white, yellow Labrador was so happy, healthy and even full of good humour, proud to perform each task willingly.
I was so mesmerized that I got curious about how good this puppy looked and went straight out and bought a large bag of various flavours, my two dogs Bella and Bailey fell in love with those right off. Bella our Labrador adored the liver and beef flavours and Bailey our usually naughty mongrel terrier fell in line for the chicken and lamb flavours.
Now I know that it seems hard to believe but so long as I kept a treat bag with me, after just a week of only giving these out for good behaviour or adding the treats to their bowls just before I ate my meal, they even stopped coming to the table when I ate. If your dog is the House Hoover that most are these treats can help keep them quiet and after using them to train out of those bad habits be sure to keep out of sight in a high cupboard or they’ll sit by that all day.
Well, at least they’ll be out of your hair for a while. Soon after using Puptastic Naturals as a training aid my puppies stopped chewing their leads.
Tempt them, Train them, Train them Love them and they will love you forever!
These treats were so effective and enhanced the pup’s vitality and healthy appearance and happiness, that I just had to look into the ingredients and manufacture to check the goodness was real and as natural as the makers claimed, and not some secret drug addiction that would be later recalled, that my partner and I just had to visit the Furry Friends Natural Products company to find out more. Puptastic Naturals are made at Furry Friend’s farm at Grayslake.
PUPTASTIC NATURALS are really what they claim. These are made in a kitchen like area just like on the farm. These really are FARM FRESH for dogs. You could even want to eat these yourself their ingredients are so naturally made. I admire them so much that I now help them sell their products, they made THAT MUCH difference to my dogs.
Furry Friends add Protein, Starch and Fiber with natural ingredients only. They are totally chemical free, using only hand selected ingredients from nearby local farms. There is absolutely no corn in their products as these can cause so many digestive problems for dogs. Corn is used by some manufacturers as filler to make the product cheaper, and you won’t find any such fillers in Furry Friends dog food. Your precious puppy won’t be getting any tummy aches and gripes from these treats.
These treats are so healthy and guaranteed 100% organic so there will be no product recalls. In fact, each of the 5 Puptastic Naturals flavours is baked in a “people food” quality kitchen that exceeds the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) and the AAFCO (Assn. of American Feed Control Officials) Standards. Even you could taste these treats they are so naturally prepared! PUPTASTIC NATURALS use farm ingredients eggs, lean poultry, lamb, liver and beef to add that much needed PROTEIN; STARCH is added using healthy brown rice and potatoes; For FIBER they add essential vegetables carrots, green beans, pumpkin and sweet potato into this magical mix of health-giving nutrients.
Pure and Natural Puptastics The ONLY additive they use is Vitamin E to enhance product integrity and longevity during storage and shipping, but this is necessary. Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient that is essential for a dog’s muscles, circulatory system, and injury healing. It is also an antioxidant, helping to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Technically speaking, Vitamin E exists in four naturally occurring forms and refers to compound groups called tocopherols and tocotrienols.
Two of the most common forms of vitamin E are γ-tocopherol, found in soybean and corn oil, and α-tocopherol, found in olive and sunflower oils. To really get into the nitty-gritty— Vitamin E protects Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA’s), Vitamin A and sulphur containing Amino Acids from oxidation. The more PUFAs in the diet, the more Vitamin E is necessary to protect pets from oxidation increases. Which is why Vitamin E is so important! Is Vitamin E Good for Dogs? Yes, Vitamin E is beneficial for your pet. In fact, it’s essential!
There is a link between deficiency of Vitamin E to cell damage in skeletal muscle, the heart, liver, and nerves. In addition to the internal benefits, Vitamin E is also good for skin and coat health. It is often found in dog shampoos because it can help reduce flakiness and promote a healthy, glossy coat. Because Vitamin E is also known to boost the immune system, some call it the perfect ‘winter vitamin’ since cold weather can dry out the skin and compromise the immune system.
Created Lovingly by dog lovers Puptastic Naturals was created originally by a married couple Ernest and Andrea Forbes, who started Furry Friends Natural Products in 1990 at Grayslake, Illinois, about an hour north of Chicago.
They used to make their own organic food for their own dogs, utilising local farms that only followed healthy and organic practices for raising poultry and cattle, and growing produce.
They had several dogs and used to jokingly call themselves the Furry Forbes, but their dogs were so highly regarded that they gradually built up a reputation for making good treats that supported good health in theirs and their friends’ dogs. That is how we know that you can trust the treats that are produced by Furry Friends Natural Products Inc.
Cuddly samples to try from our FREE training pouch We want to send you a Special Trial Sampler Box of Puptastic Naturals (worth $20), we are so confident that you and your dog(s) will find these treats so puptastically amazing, that you’ll find the health and vitality in your best canine friend so noticeable that you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before. You will be followed and congratulated on the happiness and obedience of your pet like I was.
I even trained my Bella to poop in the kerbside or out of any pedestrian’s path, so that I could use my poop bag without any guilt that I may have left a trace of mess! On more than one occasion I have been congratulated on my dog’s behaviour and cleanliness and I put it squarely and fairly on the assistance of my Puptastic Naturals as my essential treats and training aids.
You can also be congratulated on the health, vitality and happiness of your best friend if you order this trial pack. We are not going to charge you the full $20 value even. 
You can get this pack of essential treats for just $15.99. This will include the 5 different treat flavours of • Chicken • Turkey • Lamb • Liver • Beef
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I’m sure you want your pup to re-vitalize with Puptastic Naturals using the treats as training and nutrition aids as I did.
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