Parallel World

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

I had it in my head for many years to write a whole fictional story in verse, not too long, nor too short, just enough to amuse and entice. It has taken me a few months to finish but at last it is done. I'll wait for any comments or likes. I think I'll dedicate it to Master Faith at Pranic Philippines.

Chapter 1

T’other town, on t’other side

shadows and auras abound.

Our past and ancestors surround,

they protect and follow,

but rarely appear,

except in times of want and distress,

brought by our yearnings

and desires of happiness.

In my sorrow of loss and other bad times

my forebears appear and warm my bones

I’m never afraid nor scared some

when I sense their shielding tones.

In years, weeks and days gone bye,

I feel their close proximity

of this shadow universe

and the wisdom of these spectral guards.

How I wish I could feel the extremity

at least, of these beings of light

which care for me each and every night.

Commencing three years gone by,

after some commercial degradation,

I went through some pain and trauma

which led to ill health and deterioration

caused, in part by prescribed medication.

The potions then I sought, more unusual

assisted my search for blessings ethereal,

I was seeking a truth with a passion but

gained just a glimpse ephemeral

of the place,

where I was being driven.

In one momentary trance

I was shown the way

to this land of the souls,

where they gathered.

No more should I follow the chemicals

but train the mind in techniques meditated,

to transcend to the world of the wisest,

to the beings of light in the ether

was where my seeking led me.

Now my mind is trained and more relative

I have the key to open

the doors perceptive

I will welcome you my reader

to this land of shadows and mists

where the only view is a blur,

where flowers and souls exist

waiting to be appointed

to the body they’ve been anointed

for the cycle of regeneration

adding rebirth to creation.

Chapter 2

I will take you on a journey

when my mind is so aligned

to this world of shadows and

waiting souls entwined

Prepare yourself and wait

while we settle down to learn,

more secrets from wisdom and knowledge

and the powers of creation.

first ease into a state

of powerful meditation

not only free our thoughts

but leave our skin and bones

in a state of sublime maturation

As breathing regulates

and pulse reduces down

all senses then align

and goes through a door or window so clear

to reach the wondrous world

where ghostly souls pass by,

no harmful spectres these

only knowledge and astuteness

are collected nigh

I join a drifting throng

there are no machines here

nothing that has no soul

and I am carried along,

where my thoughts intend.

There is no land but substance,

of an energy force sublime,

this land where souls are gathered and merged

for reincarnation,

sent back to the third dimension

to new bodies of animal matter for regeneration

There are no countries in Etherland

only West Side, East Side,

North Top and South in South,

no language as such is spoken

only an ability to understand

Sometimes you can hear

a new word evolve,

but don’t worry from wherein

the spirit or heart it came

all vagaries will be solved

To relate is to exist here,

soak and bask in reverie

acquiring wisdom and perception

the likes you may have heard before.

Lines like this

I wander lonely as a cloud

and then it is I realise that others

had travelled this land of bliss.

When its time for my return

to my earthly body form,

it is then that I turn to ease my mind

and search for more clues

of the ones who had trod this path before,

and any mysteries I might unwind.

I would seek out words, art and music

that could piece by piece relate

their troubles and joys,

their battles of the mind

and that energy would to me dictate.

Chapter 3

And so, I grew gradually

to know more of the land of souls.

I went there often, wandered learning,

listening and yearning

for my knowledge so to grow,

to such an extent that I could assimilate

and communicate,

with other shadows that abound.

For two years more I was in awe,

of the opportunities I saw,

coming from that world of mists,

and the wisdom of many souls,

common sense, and wits.

Would I meet others so inclined?

yes, I did, our brains entwined,

we taught one another,

by wishes and examples,

thoughts combined.

Certain times I was called

to return,

to my third dimension,

where I learned,

to use the esoteric skills,

that by now I’d honed,

that would aid and abet

my human form.

Nature dictates that eventually,

certain souls with the knowledge,

chose the other way,

would not align,

and eventually stray,

what had been taught, became malign.

The rules of Yin and Yang dictate

there will always be souls of infamy,

abroad in any land,

seeking power, stealing wisdom,

or seeking others, their evil to expand.

those traitorous souls in Etherland

began to creep,

like a cancer within some minds,

to make them weep,

while all controls unwind.

Chapter 4

The moment I was chosen,

for silent, secret guidance,

from a heavenly body so supreme,

an enlivened spirit,

within my soul.

The message was to go,

go forth,

to seek the path of truth,

the ambience and energy,

so abundant within me.

I was given the means and tools,

from the panel of wise and true souls,

for on entering Etherland that day,

I was greeted thus,

by a lady clad in pink and yellow,

tall and stately, eyes bright blue aglow,

a misty scarf trailed around us,

as if a sensor energised.

She came back and forth,

into view,

as if she changed colour and features,

all at once, one moment she was dark,

the next eyes black, until I realised,

she was of one and all,

a combination of learned souls,

throughout aeons she had materialised.

She pointed upwards,

to go ahead,

and in following her I was led,

to another akin to she,

her garb was of similar rose hue,

but with orange lines swirling

again, as tendrils free.

I was this way invited

to join the way, to senses new,

I could not dispute the authority,

as I was taken with gentility,

to a space of peace,

with a pale blue hue,

and awareness of nobility

where stars touched my very soul,

and nothing but love shone through.

Chapter 5

I think I sat, though I’m not sure

I was floating while all around,

what appeared as small stars of light

circled and rose and fell unbound,

with complete abandon, no noise

but chattering I could sense, a poise,

these angels of light, maybe working souls

that would filter thoughts and teach their roles.

In this manner I was instructed

In the ways of the universe,

how atoms intellect (ed)

and came to earthly use.

How long did I study?

I do not know,

for I could not get enough,

of the glow,

the colours of the rainbow

entwined around these spirits

as if in waves of different hues.

I learnt first to forgive and love

but after, how to fight

the negative,

when they arose in darkness


to multiple moods

that rose and fell like tsunamis

when approaching from lands of hubris

and greed that demanded there,

a fair share

of goods and happiness.

Like spoilt children these beings deemed

that they were done hard by

the good spirits and Gods and Sages

throughout the ages.

These bad souls had festered until

releasing on society, the divisions

and impropriety

of their perceived ill wages.

I was joined with others of like minds

to learn the powers of the collective wills

of how to bomb with peace and love,


with rainbow spiritual effects,


the bi-polar and the schizoid,

to lure them away from their designed

purpose to hurt

and interfere with the common objectives.

It is a given that at certain times

in history and the future

that reactions to good movements

bring forth those elements

of horror, and despair.

They grow and nurture.

They fester and propel

An evil mass uprising

to support a demagogue in phasing


the rabble and the rump exploiting

the ignorance of the mob.

That is how Kardik grew to be

the demon from the west,

who took all by surprise,

but not me,

or us Souls who took to the Hives.

Chapter 6

In the hives of shadows

we waited,

preparing to be baited,

by the evil that was coming.

The Hives was a place,

a dome of happiness,

made and wired and shared with bees

amongst the trees.

We made it our haven

of protection,

it allowed us the freedom

to float with abandon.

So many of us gathered there,

we prepared

to be assaulted

but were not un-vaunted

or diverted

from our fight for survival

against this arrival

of the demented.

We learnt from the spirits

that from time immemorial,

bad souls would visit us

and try to imprint their empirical

desires upon the first dimensional

and this other world.

The rump of us, ah!

what used to be the leader

of the free,

had itself been infiltrated

by the wrong and the sleaze,

dressed up as the guide,

but in actuality

was a symbol of the depraved.

Kardik ran this maniacal theme

to bring all nations as states

again, to the fore

we knew that to fight

we had to be right,

to wait and bide like times of yore.

Kardik spread the virus

of the nationals,


He was only the puppet

along for the ride,

he had no care for other globals’,

it was for him alone.

An ego with no home,

whereas our Shaham

of the rainbow hues

would defeat the dark reds

and very dark blues.

For so it was written

in love and rainbow


Souls of the lighter hues

outlived those bitten

by the darkness

of the rump,

the monsters of our fables!

Chapter 7

In the Hives and shadows,

we waited,

learning more skills

from the creative.

Of the whole world’s dimensions

not just the first.

We hovered behind the 3rd parallel,

waiting quietly for the worst

to pass,

while full of apprehensions.

As the evil and the darkness rose,

Shaham held us in reserve.

The Angels kept instructing

how to fight and not to lose,

but learn to deserve

for that which we had been waiting.

When the time came upon us

to break out and make runs,

to test our methods of attack

we sent out those to stun

and return back

to the Hive

we’d stay alive

and ready to waylay and track

convert the populace to reason,

harmony and peace.

Our guerrilla tactics started slow

and grew,

becoming more effective

and would show

the way as we slew,

with the sting of the invective,

more of those bad souls.

We sent those beings of bad light

back to whence they came,

where their inner souls and sight

were cleansed, retrained until tame.

In time these souls esoteric

would get a new start,

rebirth and an etheric

new body in the new world,

they’d then depart, and rappel

to the first parallel.

Chapter 8

The beings at the Akashic records

office could not keep pace,

with the souls that we had slain,

the backlogs were from the hordes

of the drones and lain,

in the outer mid space,

the halfway house of pain.

The pains came from the

Guardians of the souls,

Who would decide what roles,

in future they would fill,

while we were still sent daily

to battle with our minds and skill,

of mental use of colours

to make our daily kills.

The priest Shaham would daily invest,

and re-charge with meditations,

the increase of our power

whence we could rest

assured, and trusting our trepidations

as we built up our immunity,

with the use of our central chord.

Divine light and divine flowers

Sent by the spirits of the Lord

to enhance and manage our persuasions.

Chapter 9

In time the battle was won,

The yellow became more golden

The blues became of lighter hue

The pinks of love shining through.

Our army of souls emboldened,

were allowed to return to

the first world that we knew.

Our knowledge now intensified

henceforth decreed the Lord,

those souls gone bad

be identified.

One eye would be the mark,

coloured electric blue


the white, the iris and pupil too.

Forever they would be known

and records kept of how

their incarnated souls

and wills live now,

until their lives redeemed

the wrongs of their dark past.

In this manner did the world recover

from the horrors of Kardik’s men.

Contaminated by the lover

of the lies and fraud lent

to them,

and their peers.

Their use of first world plunder

had caused them to come under

the men of spite

who used the night,

wrongly breaking asunder

against the world of love.

The God Supreme

and divine aides,

had ensured this victory,

we had obeyed

and come through

with dignity.

The love of all had conquered

yet again in history.

Until the next battle to come

I’ll stay as I’ve been tutored,

to love the spirits

and the coloured

of the rainbow tones

of the beings of light and love.

Bring on the healing greens and reds,

Bring forth the energies

of the violets and light blues,

and pinks and roses

of love,

forever shining through.

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