For sale in Yorkshire’s finest seaside resort

Pics of local attractions


Forget the Mediterranean coast, and invest in Scarborough, Yorkshire’s finest resort. Get in before the boom pushes prices up!

Where can you buy a fully modernised and renovated 2-bed apartment within reach of all that this revived resort has to offer, for less than £80,000?


Scarborough is fighting to become one of the premier northern property destinations.

And Landermere Developments have 6 fully renovated apartments for sale in the town where international acts like Britney Spears performed last year.

The largest open-air theatre in Europe has many more acts planned. An inwards investment and an expected 20,000 new settlers are turning this once typical and tired old British resort into the next big property boom area.


With property, it is everybody’s target to get in early and now is the time before this boom really takes off.

We are in a position to sell separately or as a unit the apartments, there are 3 x 2 bedroom (2 x£80,000 + 1 x £85,000) and 3 x 1(2 x £70,000 + 1 x £75,000) bedroom.


This is not an off-plan sale, all these apartments are ready to sell. Renovated 3 years ago they have been fully tenanted ever since. We will include a full redecoration in with the sale to get you on the property ladder in this invigorated seaside town, that is projected to become the premier Yorkshire hotspot.


There is one of Yorkshire’s County Cricket grounds, along with more traditional ice cream parlours, shellfish stalls and beach huts.


If you want history and culture, there is Scarborough Castle and the Rotunda Museum of Geology. Scarborough is constantly innovating, the forward-thinking local borough, which includes Whitby & Filey is encouraging more business investors, a new shopping mall and 1.3 million tourist visitors per annum. They spend £280m in the town’s guesthouses, attractions and ice cream shops – nearly £30m more than is spent on average in Blackpool and £180m more than in Great Yarmouth – as part of a £14.3bn staycation boom.


Scarborough is also benefiting from major investment including £40bn for the world’s largest wind farm out to sea at Dogger Bank, a £40m university campus and £10m already pumped into a new business park.


Scarborough has committed to building 10,000 more homes by 2030. Around 6,000 jobs are set to be created by investment projects including a move by McCain Foods to spend £100m on its operations.

It means Scarborough’s population is set to increase by 20,000 and the town, which is home to several international companies, is heading for a period of economic growth unparalleled since it was connected to the railway and began welcoming the first Victorian holidaymakers.

Source information:-

Apartment 1: £80,000


Apartment 2: £75,000


Apartment 3: £70,000


Apartment 4: £85,000


Apartment 5: £70,000


Apartment 6: £80,000


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