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I Write Sales Copy and Marketing Content for B2B in International Engineering and Construction, LNG and Travel.

I have been involved in the Engineering & Construction industry for over 30 years. My experiences as a Senior Manager and Company Director give me a unique insight into the mindset of the industry and the people involved.

***How does that help you? ***How do you benefit?

I know and feel the culture of your industry, the pressures the people are under, what concerns they have, the stress involved. I can get directly to your prospects within a very short time.

I don't just write about it, I go there, I feel it!

I apply the same skills as when called in to manage change in a troubled project. I have the knack of getting to the ‘nitty gritty’ of the people’s hearts and minds.


I built successful teams. I managed projects and profits of hundreds of millions of dollars which involved understanding the psyche of the clients above and workforce below. People that may be away from their families for many months at a time. People that are put under unique pressures of responsibility to bring a project in on time, on budget and in profit.


You will get that knowledge that comes with someone who has lived in those construction camps, those offshore cabins, those situations that have arisen, safety concerns, quality control, and assurance. I've trained installers 'in the field' and climbed those columns.

I've written at every level from legal, technical, investment, sales and motivational presentations as: -

• Project Manager on major oil & gas, LNG & petrochemical sites.

• Independent Sales Agent for manufacturers.

• Company Director of start-ups & existing companies.

• Self-employed Property Developer and Investor.

• Management of contracts, sub-contracts & procurement of services & products.

Are your purchasers reluctant to buy into innovations? No problem, I've sold and specified new methods and products from inception.

I've specialised in cryogenic projects for 20 years. I travelled far and wide.

My extensive experience will assist you in creating persuasive proposals.


I also write sales copy, marketing content such as blogs, case studies, and web copywriting for SEO.

You always get the personal touch and my passion for writing. It's why I'm called a Soulwriter. I'm the Writer that goes to those Projects and gets to the very 'Soul' of them.


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