Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals to Reality


I Write Sales Copy and Marketing Content for Alternative Health & Wellness, Property Finance and World Travel.


“The Writer Who Goes Where Others Don’t.”

Helping Companies Translate their Business Goals to Reality

My consultancy work as Agent for International Manufacturers turned me into a global business. I would establish new companies to suit their requirements and tax arrangements. I eventually became a ‘one-stop-shop’ for my clients encompassing all their writing requirements along with running their Projects.

. How does my experience help your business grow? 
As a writer for 20 years, I have learnt the art of presentation. I can converse with anybody and that is what I bring to your business. 
A radical approach that can be creative and different enough to get your prospects interested or one more relaxed and chilled to suit a softer more conventional style.

My Short Bio here explains where my writing experiences take me.

•    Freelance Copywriter 
I have regularly updated my skills taking courses in many other variants of the Copywriting business with the American Writers and Artists Inc. I became a verified Copywriter with them and joined the Professional Writers Alliance. I still seek work in my early niche of Engineering, LNG, Oil & Petrochemical, and Property Investing but find myself gradually moving across into new industries. 
•    Content Writer
I’m getting some great work. I am sympathetic to current trends in green issues and have also trained in some alternative therapies, yoga and meditation. I’ve recently written content for websites in Health & Wellness, Organic Dog Food, Energy Healing and Yoga. I also do Property Coaching with a business partner.

My empathy as an energy healer and meditator has given me a natural leaning towards alternative health and wellness website content. The new age has increased the awareness of Quantum Mechanics and I have researched and studied many allied sciences. 
I love to meet you personally to discuss your needs but since lockdown, we have to meet on Zoom or Skype.
I can adjust my writing style to your voice.
My writing for you will be simple, concise and conversational. 
I write emotional copy to entice, increasing your sales.
New Products & innovations? I'll identify your Unique Selling Points and the benefits those will bring.
My extensive business and sales experience will assist you in creating persuasive proposals. I write sales copy, marketing content such as blogs, case studies, and web copywriting for SEO.

For the personal touch call for a free consultation on 0044 7802 701 217 or email

I've written at every level from legal, technical, investment, sales and motivational presentations as: -

• Independent Sales Agent for manufacturers.

• Company Director of start-ups & existing companies.

• Self-employed Property Developer and Investor.

• Management of contracts, sub-contracts & procurement of services & products.

Are your purchasers reluctant to buy into innovations? No problem, I've sold and specified new methods and products from inception.

For 20 years I travelled far and wide. That has given me great awareness of cultural diversity.

My extensive experience will assist you in creating persuasive proposals.


I also write sales copy, marketing content such as blogs, case studies, and web copywriting for SEO.

You always get the personal touch and my passion for writing.


I'm the Writer that goes to those Projects and gets to the very 'Soul' of them.


Contact me now on: 0044 7802 701 217

email me at

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If you want the best, most experienced copy or a content writer who specializes in the international market look no further.

I have worked on International Engineering Construction, & LNG Projects for 20 years and specialized in Sales and Marketing as a Freelance Agent for most of those years. I was also a consultant project manager on cryogenic insulation contracts in many countries. 

 I also have a unique insight into corporate travel. I've stayed in the best and the roughest Hotels, Guest Houses and Labour Camps. I've had to hire the vehicles and procure materials at short notice. 

I have attended many trade shows and exhibitions and given the sales talks to those individual targets. I know the characters to reach out to with my research.

My contacts in the industrial oil and gas and petrochemical markets are personal friends worldwide at many major companies.

I am the writer that gets results because I've been there, and still go there. My projects always came in on time and in profit as will my copywriting. Give me a call on 0044 7802 701217

I love this background picture: This is the pool where I used to work from, on-line  when my home and office was in the house at the bottom right of the pool. I could keep fit, tanned and work from the French restaurant back here by the poolside.